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Learn how to turn the leading edge research that our trainings provide into practice wisdom that you can apply daily within your community.

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If you want to make a difference to children, young people, families and individuals in your community, then book your training today through the  Practice Institute of Australia.

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Leading Edge Research

We translate the leading edge research and teach you how to put it into practice.

Turn knowledge into practice wisdom!

Quality Training Resources

All of our trainings include high quality training materials and slides.

You'll even get some take home resources to assist you.

Practitioner Wellbeing

We privilege the wellbeing of practitioners as a core element of being attuned individuals.

Download your free Practitioner Wellbeing Self-Care Worksheet.

Professional Development

Continue your professional development by improving your knowledge, skills and your practice. This can then be facilitated individually or school wide.

Refine Your Practice

We believe in the power of coming together to learn ways that we can improve our practice and then going out there and putting that knowledge into action.

World Class Facilitators

Our experienced facilitators train professionals to build strong relationships, increase workplace wellbeing and productivity, and gain greater confidence in their knowledge.

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The Faces Behind PIA

Check out our conversation with PIA managing directors, Sean Lappin and Kerrie Sellen, as we chat about all things PIA as well as how to respond to challenging emotions and dealing with tricky behaviours.
We’re all about building healthier and stronger relationships both professionally and personally. Our own wellbeing is so important in our journey to becoming the best practitioners we can be.

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