About Us

What is PIA really all about?

We Are PIA

The Practice Institute Australia (PIA) was established to create a professional development and reflective practice community for the community services and education sectors. This community connects practitioners to each other whilst providing access to quality professional development opportunities. 

Our passion is translating leading edge research into practice that ultimately makes a difference to children, young people, families and individuals in our community.

Connection Builders

We value the opportunity to bring discourse to emerging explicit relational practice approaches from a range of different modalities. We also privilege the wellbeing of practitioners as a core element of being attuned individuals.

If you are a practitioner – wherever you are in your journey – and you are interested in developing your practice skills, shaping your mindset and informing your practice wisdom, then join the PIA Practice Community and we can grow together.

Highest Quality Services

You will always receive the highest quality in all of our services from public and private training to consulting.

Leading Edge Research

We translate the leading edge research and teach you how to put it into practice. 

Experienced Facilitators

Our experienced and engaging facilitators deliver a premium training experience like no other.

Practitioner Wellbeing

We privilege the wellbeing of practitioners as a core element of being attuned individuals.

From Knowledge to Practice Wisdom

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Everyone here at the Practice Institute Australia cares deeply about the content of our trainings and are passionate about helping others refine their skills within their practice.

We’re here to make a difference in the lives of young people, families and individuals in the community. If are too, then click the button below to register for our trainings.

Meet Our Facilitators

we work alongside them

Our training facilitators are so important to us as they’re the ones who bring all of their experience and knowledge to you. We couldn’t do this without them and wish to highlight the companies who bring these important trainings to life.

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