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We are passionate about building capacity for insightful practice for all those who work with children and young people

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First and foremost, Connected Self is about you.  We work with individuals, families, and organisations to assist them in achieving their wellbeing goals.

Connected Self, founded in 2007, is a community of passionate practitioners who are driven to have a positive impact on others and, as our name suggests, we are about making connections.  We believe that by supporting people and organisations to create connections to themselves (who they are), their family, community and customers, their environment and aspirations, they can achieve higher levels of wellbeing, personal fulfilment and productivity.

We assist many individuals, families and organisations to achieve their goals. We do this by recruiting qualified, talented, inspirational and committed people and supporting them to work with you to identify the outcomes you want to achieve. Our people then employ evidence based and innovative approaches to help you achieve these outcomes in a sustainable way.

Our mission is to provide innovative, engaging and best-practice services and concepts that support children, families, individuals and organisations to better understand and meet their needs, and achieve higher levels of personal fulfillment, achievement and productivity.  

Sean Lappin

Managing Director

Sean Lappin is the Managing Director of Connected Self, a South Australian agency that provides a range of therapeutic services, including supports to children and young people in schools, the out of home care sector, and the disability services sector. Connected Self also work alongside government
and non-government organisations to support their capacity building through consultancy and training services.

Sean has over 30 years’ experience in policy, service design, implementation and delivery, research, systems reform (out of home care, family support services and responding to homelessness) and program delivery. Sean has a strong commitment to building community capacity and connection to assist those who are marginalised and vulnerable to participate more fully in community life. He continues to advocate for preventative and early intervention approaches, particularly for children, young people, and their families. This includes developing trauma responsive practice approaches in conjunction with schools, community agencies and systems (e.g., the family support system).

Sean also has significant experience in a range of leadership roles within the government and non-government sectors; including service delivery, policy development and research.

Most importantly, Sean believes in the importance of authentic practice and draws on the emerging research evidence to assist schools, organisations, and communities to translate theory into skills development, positive wellbeing, and practice wisdom.

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We’re all about teaching you how to build a connection with your clients but we’re also about building a connection with you as well. 

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Connected Self is a preferred provider for the Department for Education, Trauma Aware Schools Initiative (TASi) training.

Our Trauma Responsive Practice Training is designed to build the capacity of those who work with children and young people to respond more effectively to the needs of those who have experienced trauma.  It incorporates a range of evidence based information to explore the neuroscience of brain development, especially as it applies to lived experiences of relational trauma, with practical strategies and approaches that form each participants trauma aware toolkit

Our experienced and engaging facilitators use a customised blend of training, workshops and reflective practice sessions to assist communities to build their capacity for effective trauma aware practice.

Trauma Informed Lens

Responding to complex trauma is challenging; even for the most qualified and experienced practitioners and carers. Our trainings look at:

Participants will develop

Participants in this training will develop:

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