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Restorative Practices Training (Kempsey) facilitated by Restorative Journeys

Join us for our Restorative Practices Training held at Police Citizens Youth Club, Kempsey. 
Restorative Practices recognises that the ability to manage relationships is central to lifelong learning and success. The Socratic Method (asking questions) encourages self-reflection, creates the space to be heard and challenges negative behaviour with regards to its impact on others. This process cultivates the capacity to build and maintain significant relationships both in the home, at work, and in the community for the betterment of society. You can view the Restorative Journeys page here or download the brochure here.

Using a Restorative Practice framework allows the practitioner to create the conditions for others to:

  • Make sense and meaning of where they are at and how they got there
  • Work out what matters and what’s important
  • What needs to change and what their role in that change is
  • How to build and sustain healthy relationships

Positive outcomes include:

  • A decrease in bullying and violence in schools
  • Reduced recidivism in juvenile and criminal justice
  • Enhanced family engagement in social services
  • Improved workplace culture and increased staff engagement
  • Increased capacity to build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Repair harm when conflict occurs

Our trainings include a talking piece, poster pack and catering. Please include any dietary requirements at the time of booking. All participants will receive a certificate among completion of the training.

*If you are registering 3 or more people, please contact us for your group booking discount.
*If you are wanting to register for a different day(s) other than what our tickets are listed below, please contact us.

Hear what past attendees have to say about this training:
“It is a must do for all services working with children, families and communities.”

“A valuable framework for developing relationships and seeking resolution and restoration in our settings with young people, families, communities and workplaces.”

“Go for it! It was excellent and will help you hugely in your own personal and professional life. Do not miss the opportunity to do this training.”

Restorative Journeys
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Ticket Information

Restorative Practices Training (Kempsey) - DAY 1 ONLY
$350.00 inc GST
Sales Ended: 11-03-22 00:00
Mon 14th March Only
Restorative Practices Training (Kempsey) - DAY 1 and DAY 2
$685.00 inc GST
Sales Ended: 11-03-22 00:00
Mon 14th March and Tues 15th March
Restorative Practices Training (Kempsey) - DAY 1, DAY 2 and DAY 3
$979.00 inc GST
Sales Ended: 11-03-22 00:00
Mon 14th March, Tues 15th March and Wed 16th March