Trauma Responsive Practice Training: Adelaide

Trauma Responsive Practice Training: Adelaide

Trauma Responsive Practice Training: Adelaide

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Welcome to our Trauma Responsive Practices Training Page. This Training will be held over 2 days in Adelaide face to face on August 30th and September 27th.

In a world where the impacts of trauma touch countless lives, the Trauma Responsive Practice Training by Connected Self stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment. This training transcends professional boundaries, offering invaluable insights and skills to anyone eager to understand the complexities of trauma and its profound effects on individuals. Whether you’re seeking this knowledge for personal growth or to better support those around you, our expert-led sessions provide a comprehensive exploration of trauma’s impact on neurobiology and development, coupled with practical, empathetic strategies for effective response. This training is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s a journey towards cultivating a deeper sense of compassion and resilience within ourselves and our communities. Join us in this transformative experience to make a real difference in navigating and healing from the challenges of trauma.

Day 1: Comprehensive Understanding of Trauma and Neurobiology

Introducing Our Neurobiology

  • Explore the evolving brain, attachment theories, and how our body and brain communicate.
  • Learn about the nervous system development and responses to threat.

The Impacts of Trauma on Development

  • Understand the complexities of attachment in the context of trauma.
  • Discover how trauma affects neuronal pruning and internal working models.

Integrating and Adapting Practice

  • Dive into Polyvagal theory and the Window of Tolerance.
  • Strategies for bodyfulness, attunement, and maintaining presence in challenging situations.

Day 2: Strategies for Connection, Engagement, and Responsive Practice

Connecting, Noticing, and Engaging

  • Learn proactive strategies for building connections and ensuring a safe environment.
  • Understand the sensory needs and self-regulation strategies for children.

Responding in the Moment

  • Master the PACE approach for real-time support.
  • Learn about co-regulation and balancing nurture with structure.

Engaging the Village

  • Strategies for creating safe spaces and building relational currency.
  • Explore neuro-sequential and multi-systemic approaches for complex trauma.

What You Will Learn:

  • Comprehensive understanding of trauma’s impact on the brain and behavior.
  • Enhanced skills in trauma-responsive practices.
  • Empowerment to support individuals with complex needs more effectively.

Workshop Details:

  • When:
    • 30th August: Day 1
    • 27th September: Day 2

  • All sessions 9:00- 4:30pm
  • Both days are Adelaide Face to Face sessions
  • Cost: $675 for 2 days training per person
  • catering provided

Please contact us for any questions as we are always h

Ticket Information

Trauma Responsive Practices: Adelaide: August/Sept: 2 Day Training
$675.00 inc GST

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30-08-24 @ 09:00 (ACST) to
30-08-24 @ 18:30 (ACST)

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