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Bringing a Trauma-Aware Lens to Online Support for Children and Young People

The Practice Institute Australia would like to warmly invite you to our free webinar, Bringing a Trauma-Aware Lens to Online Support for Children and Young People, facilitated by Connected Self.

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt us from our regular lives, it is understandable that we might all be feeling the toll. The continual impacts of COVID-19 may be experienced as traumatic for some of our young people and some of us as well. Trauma is subjective – meaning that what is experienced as traumatic by one person may not be perceived as traumatic by another. We understand that traumatic experiences are characterised by one’s capacity to cope being overwhelmed. This elicits a series of physiological and psychological responses that make it harder to access higher order thinking.

Our webinar will provide you the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to support the children and young people we engage with in a COVID-19 landscape. The topics we will cover include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • COVID-19 – What’s within our control
  • Creating safety through connection
  • Structure, routine and predictability
  • Encouraging the development of coping skills
  • Your own self-care and wellbeing

We’re here to provide support for you whether you need information as a worker, health professional, parent, school or community member.

Connected Self
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Two Hour Free Webinar - Trauma-Aware Lens to Online Support for Young People
This webinar will be presented via Zoom.